Morning Moon offers therapeutic spa treatments, just 2 minutes down the road.

Indulge yourself while healing your body through the hands of our professional aromatherapy practitioner, using only the finest of nature’s organic oils and creams in the quiet tranquility of a beautiful treatment room.

The relaxation created through the aromatherapy treatment enables the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

All treatments include an initial consultation.

Aromatherapy Massage

Allow 2 hours $80.00
The signature massage combines organic essential oils, blended especially for you, with skillful, gentle massage designed to restore the body’s natural equilibrium. This healing massage soothes the heart, calms the mind and nourishes the body while restoring the lymphatic system to equilibrium.

Aromatherapy Facial

Allow 2 hours $80.00

Your face is beautifully unique! A specially chosen combination of essential oils, gels and creams leaves your skin with a radiant and glorious glow. This treatment eases facial tension and an increases a sense of health and vibrancy.

Indian Head Massage

Allow 1 1/2 hours $65.00

Restore glory back to the crown! Originally created to beautify the hair, this wonderfully relaxing shoulder, upper back and chest, neck, face and scalp massage gives you a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Tension and stress melt away.

Remineralizing Sea Salt Scrub

Allow 2 hours $90.00

Dead Sea mineral salts are rehydrated and massaged onto the skin to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate, and to provide complete enhancement to skin health. Hot moist towels are used to remove the salt. This treatment is followed by aromatherapy massage, applying organic aloe vera gel and cream to moisturize the skin. A new glow is revealed.

Earth Treasure: Body Mud Wrap

Allow 2 1/2 hours $90.00

Receive nourishment from the earth’s treasure chest! This full body wrap uses Moor Mud in a blend of botanical minerals, herbs and trace elements which are immersed in thermal waters. Known for their healing properties, these natural ingredients mineralize, exfoliate sooth and rejuvenate the skin.

Seaweed Wrap

Allow 2 1/2 hours $90.00

Organic seaweed from the west coast is made into a soft paste and spread over the entire body, inside a relaxing wrap. This warm, soothing treatment exfoliates, stimulates and detoxifies the skin while improving circulation, It is followed by a cleansing shower and divine aromatherapy massage.

Detoxifying Foot Bath

Allow 1 hour $60.00

Sit back, relax and detoxify with ease. This foot bath cleanses balances and enhances by extracting toxic substances from the body, utilizing negative ions and a magnetic field structure for a natural and effective detoxification.

Hot Stone Massage

Allow 2 hours $95.00

This supremely relaxing, full body aromatherapy treatment uses essentials oils and smooth volcanic basalt stones to apply pressure to tense muscles. This creates deep muscle pain relief and release from tension and stress


Allow 1 ½ hours $60.00

Reiki is Universal Life Energy, an ancient and powerful Japanese hand-healing technique which is given while you are fully clothed. It releases blocked energy, enables your own healing wisdom to emerge, for faster recovery from the tension and pain of surgery and other trauma, and it returns your natural state of mind/ body/ spiritual health


Allow 1 ½ hours $60.00

Reflexology is a method of applying pressure to stimulate the reflex areas of the hands and the feet. These areas correspond to specific glands, organs and other parts of the body, and the pressure increases blood circulation, releases blocked energy and promotes healing. This ancient healing art is deeply relaxing and energizing, providing a sense of well being.

Luxury Half Day Spa Treatments


You are invited to spend time in a serene space and to come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with your own personally tailored combination of treatments.
Choose two or more of the following treatments:

Hot Stone Massage
Aromatherapy Facial
Signature Aromatherapy Massage
Indian Head Massage
Seaweed or Mud Wrap
Dead Sea Salts Scrub or Detoxifying Foot Spa and Reflexology

Therapeutic services are provided by White Tara Healing Arts with, Valentina Atton is a B.C. Registered Aroma Therapist and Spa Practitioner.